VMware ESXi Patch Tracker - Important Note for existing Service Subscribers!

In the past the ESXi Patch Tracker heavily relied on the Google Feedburner service to manage service subscriptions. Although Feedburner has not yet been announced to be discontinued the service is slowly dying away, and Google just doesn't care about it any longer.

That means we need to move away from Feedburner, and for the subscribers of the ESXi Patch Tracker this means the following:

RSS subscriptions

If you have subscribed to one or more of the RSS feeds before January 22nd, 2019, then you need to take action to keep subscribed!

  1. Unsubscribe from the existing RSS feeds (they use Feedburner which will stop working sooner or later)
  2. Resubscribe to the ESXi Patch Tracker RSS feeds here: [RSS]

Please apologize that you need to take manual actions here. Unfortunately there is no reliable way to automatically update your RSS subscriptions.

E-Mail subscriptions

The Patch Tracker will no longer offer direct E-Mail subscriptions. As an existing E-Mail subscriber your options are as follows:

Twitter bot @ESXiPatches

The Twitter bot will continue to work. I modified my program code to directly interact with the Twitter APIs instead of relying on Feedburner.

If you are an active Twitter user then following @ESXiPatches is indeed the most convenient way to get notified about new ESXi patches. In mobile Twitter clients I suggest that you enable push notifications for new tweets of @ESXiPatches, so you will never miss an update.